Brent McCrossen is a long time NOLA member and OG of the startup community. In addition to having the coolest hair in all of Launch Pad, Brent also has the distinction of successfully suing Ted Cruz! As an advisor to the Launch Pad team, Brent continues to guide us in our pursuit towards building a diverse, inclusive and kick ass community, so take a minute to learn more about what this crazy guy is up to!
What company do you work for and what do you do?
I’m the CEO and Co-founder of two music technology companies, Audiosocket and LIDCORE
What drives you to do your work?
I’m a passionate supporter of artists and firmly believe technologies can be deployed to enable today’s artist to build a sustainable career.
What are you passionate about outside of your work?
I love to cook for my friends and family. I could sit the the kitchen for days whipping up delicious recipes and find the entire process very relaxing and comforting.
What’s the one thing everyone in the office should know about you?
I wear my heart on my sleeve and while always considerate of others and relatively diplomatic, I’m extremely straight forward.
What do you bring to the Launch Pad community?
Not only do I have a passion for the work that I’m doing, I have a passion for the work you’re doing. I want to see everyone who works at Launch Pad – past and present – become very successful in their endeavor. To that end, I’m always willing to lend an ear or share ideas so that we can learn from each other and grow our businesses effectively.
What can Launch Pad do for you?
Launch Pad offers a spirit of camaraderie that further enhances the joys of work. Being around the energy expressed by our community inspires me tremendously.
What’s your favorite thing about Launch Pad?
In the end, it’s all about the people. You all fucking rock!
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