While he might refer to himself as an introvert, Mike Vassar is our resident happy hour and event-going MVP. Read on to learn more about Mike!

What company do you work for and what do you do?
Vassar Capital Management — Portfolio Manager
What drives you to do your work?
I enjoy the puzzle that public markets amount to. Every day there is new information to synthesize and the question of whether or not a compelling opportunity will present itself.
What are you passionate about outside of your work?
Fishing!! I’ve spent the last 2+ years learning my way around Charleston’s water and I feel like I could enjoy exploring the Lowcountry for the rest of my life.
What’s the one thing everyone in the office should know about you?
 I’m a bit introverted — I tend to huddle at my desk too much…. So come say hi and get my eyes unglued from the screen and the earphones off my head!
What do you bring to the Launch Pad community?
A creative mind and a little mischief.
What can Launch Pad do for you?
Keep me engaged in the Charleston business community, flood my brain with new ideas and interesting people.
What’s your favorite thing about Launch Pad?
The constant stream of events, the chalkboard with this week’s agenda.
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