Often answering to Christeeny, this Launch Pad lady is always working on exciting design projects but is also always willing to help other Launch Pad companies with social media and marketing techniques. Read on to learn more about Christine Speare!

What company do you work for and what do you do?
I work for Divine Creations LLC. Inspired Interiors with Sue Mac Ridgeway. We are a Charleston-based design firm that specializes in residential and commercial interior design, decor, and furnishings. Whether I’m researching trends, managing projects, or writing the Divine Creations Blog, I wear many hats on the job—but I enjoy the work and am never bored.
What drives you to do your work?
I’m really excited by our latest project on East Bay Street. We are completely renovating this South of Broad pied-a-terre, incorporating customized details such as a wrought iron railing, floor-to-ceiling mirror, and tile mosaics. The finished product is going to be spectacular.
What are you passionate about outside of your work?
I love history, which is everywhere in Charleston! My favorite thing to do is take long walks through the historic streets downtown. I can (and often do) spend hours getting lost by foot.
What’s the one thing everyone in the office should know about you?
I trained to become a professional ballerina, but was channeled into design after I broke my knee.
What do you bring to the Launch Pad community?
Besides design, I also work a lot with social media marketing and optimization. I have helped individuals and companies (many Launch Pad-based) with growth hacking techniques that gain more followers and awareness for their accounts.
What can Launch Pad do for you?
There are so many people from different companies and backgrounds at LaunchPad. I know that if I have a question about anything (literally), someone in the office will be able to answer it. Not only that, Launch Pad members are extremely supportive and more than happy to help.
What’s your favorite thing about Launch Pad?
I love coming to work with all my friends. Also, I really love when the office yoga classes.
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