Work independently,
but not alone.

Our story

Launch Pad originated from a simple post on New Orleans Craigslist in 2008. This was 3 years after Katrina, the New Orleans was vibrant with entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated to making the city even better than it was before. Fueled by this energy and trying to make use of his excess office space, Chris Schultz posted an ad for other New Orleanians to rent “voodoo pods”. These pods included office space and access to free utilities – resources that quickly proved to be in demand. As the pods were filling, Chris and his colleagues became acutely aware of a huge opportunity – shared working space – an unfamiliar concept in 2008. This group of passionate New Orleanians committed to this idea and drove it forward until June 1st, 2009 when they opened New Orleans first co-working space – Launch Pad.



We are creating the world’s strongest community of entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals working together to build our shared future.


We believe the future of work is a world where innovation happens everywhere, success requires working entrepreneurially, and strong community inspires our sense of belonging.


  • Our members are our magic
  • Diverse and inclusive. Not exclusive.
  • We believe in new ideas and are open to them anywhere
  • Caring about each other helps us all succeed
  • Everyone needs a first believer. Be one.
  • We say ‘good morning’
  • People with pride. Cities with soul.

At Launch Pad, you belong.


  • Chris Schultz
    Chris Schultz CEO
  • Anne Driscoll
    Anne Driscoll COO & President
  • Katy Tackett
    Katy Tackett Director of Member Services
  • Virginia Beard
    Virginia Beard Director of Communications
  • Kendall Jenkins
    Kendall Jenkins Operations Manager
  • Ella Simmons
    Ella Simmons Business Development Manager
  • Drew Carlson
    Drew Carlson Analytics Manager
  • Hazel
    Hazel CXO

Great businesses start at Launch Pad…

And great relationships.

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