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Are you opening a new coworking space or already run one? Our goal is to help make you as successful as possible. The Launch Pad Network is a global network of coworking spaces and the talented members who work in them. Get access to new members, jobs & gigs & our mentor network by joining today!

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The launchpad playbook

Get the step-by-step guide to running a coworking space successfully.

This is the manual we wish we had when we opened Launch Pad three years ago. Learn the lessons from the mistakes we made without enduring them yourself. The Playbook is chock full of goodness like: evaluating real estate, getting your first 10 members, creating community, pricing your products, and much more.

The Launch Pad Playbook also includes access to our proprietary financial model to help you evaluate the feasibility of opening your own coworking space. We love coworking and have learned a ton at Launch Pad, download our playbook now to get exclusive access to everything we’ve learned!


Join the global network at the intersection of coworking spaces, talent & mentors.

The Launch Pad Network is a network of coworking spaces all over the world and the members who work there. We’ve extended the knowledge offered in the Launch Pad Playbook into an ongoing service that offers marketing and tools for coworking spaces and connects their members to opportunities.

Offered as a service, membership in the Network will help generate leads for your space and add value for your members by connecting them to job and gig opportunities. As a bonus, members of coworking spaces in the Launch Pad Network have reciprocal privileges to other spaces all over the world.

Launching in the spring of 2013, sign up below to learn more and get exclusive lifetime discounted pricing for founding members.


Hire the experts to help you evaluate opportunities and open your coworking space.

We’ve been fortunate to run Launch Pad in New Orleans successfully for three years, and we’ve learned what makes a coworking space tick. Over the years we’ve consulted with countless space owners across the world who are interested in what it takes to open a space in their city.

Learn from our coworking experts who wrote our playbook on coworking. Engagements can cover real estate due diligence, community development, community manager training, operational expertise, and marketing a coworking space.

All engagements start with a free evaluation phone call. Contact us below and get us onboard to make sure your space is a success.

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