1Fresh of his Round 1 pitch in Wednesday morning’s LaunchPad:PITCH competition at Collision, Ahmed Dharani is still going strong with his pitch and his portable Doc24Seven sample kit – digital blood pressure monitor, thermometer, stethoscope and other non-invasive medical devices will be manufactured by Doc24Seven and linked into the HD platform that will connect rural patients with doctors for virtual doctor appointments. They just inked a deal with a device manufacturer in California, and the platform and equipment go live in October.

Dharani’s wife, co-founder Stephanie Dharani-Anderson, did not come to Collision, but the Doc24Seven concept is her baby. When Dharani-Anderson was serving in the U.S. Army, she was deployed to Korea in 2006. Her experience being treated by a doctor overseas, far from home and her lifelong GP, caused her to think about a remote solution. The model that they have developed addresses the shortage of medical care in rural areas, and is a provider-based portal – a way for doctors to reach more patients, rather than the employee benefit model offered through their competitors. Find Ahmed at Collision and check out the Doc24Seven kit and see what future doctor visits will look like – the future that will be here in October.

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