Blair Broussard is a long time Launch Pad member and key contributor to the New Orleans startup ecosystem. We caught up with Blair for our inaugural Member Magic feature that will highlight what amazing Launch Pad members are doing across the country. Check it out and let us know if you’d like to be featured!  

Which Launch Pad office do you work in?

New Orleans, first floor, in the office closest to the conference room.

What company do you work for and what do you do?

I work for AR|PR, one of the fastest growing tech PR and integrating marketing firms in the country. I serve as Senior Vice President (the “Sr” is new as of 9/1), and I’ve been with the agency for almost 3 years. I was actually its first full-time hire! It’s been an amazing opportunity to be a part of this entrepreneurial journey.

What drives you to do your work?

AR|PR was founded four years ago, because the traditional PR agency model was broken and clients were getting the short end of the stick. As traditional media outlets began to morph into digital news engines and social media platforms grew, the ways in which brands communicate with journalists, analysts, B2B decision makers and B2C buyers was becoming more strategic and holistic than ever before. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of communications agencies did not anticipate this shift, nor react to it accordingly. As a result, agency-client partnerships have slid from an average of seven years to less than three, and agency employee turnover has skyrocketed to about 60 percent. Since our origins as a high-energy, determined startup, AR|PR has quickly evolved into a national award-winning tech
public relations and integrated communications agency. What’s also unique about AR|PR is how our team has quickly grown from one traditional media purist to a double-digit team comprised of storytellers, published social media experts, Google and inbound marketing certified pros, messaging specialists and technical writers. On top of our approach, AR|PR was founded specifically to be a different kind of agency: one that focuses on employee happiness and growth. We’re fueled by a Millennial-centric culture that’s rooted in the motto “Believe the best IN each other. Want the best FOR each other. Expect the best FROM each other.” By ditching traditional PR agency processes and building a true army of awesome, I, along with our entire team, are motivated and excited to come to work each day. We get to collaborate with innovative clients in an incredible environment – it simply rocks.

What are you passionate about outside of your work?

I’ve been an active member of the Junior League of New Orleans for over four years, and I’m certainly passionate about volunteering across the Greater New Orleans region, with a focus on education and advancing the well-being of women. When I’m not volunteering, I love absorbing the amazing culture, food and music of South Louisiana, reading a good book and traveling every chance I get.

What’s the one thing everyone in the office should know about you?

I am a self-proclaimed French fry connoisseur.

What do you bring to the Launch Pad community?

Well, I’d say we bring Nerf gun fights, but since Billy left we haven’t had any of those. I’ll also admit I’ve been a bit heads down recently, and I’d really like to spend more time getting to know the newer members of our LP community. So, please come into our office (we’re on the first floor RIGHT NEXT to the conference room) and say hello and make me take breaks! Otherwise, I’m SVP of AR|PR (we’ve got our office here in NOLA, our HQ in ATL and our newest office in San Fran is opening in Fall 2016!) and we are, as I mentioned above, a PR and integrated comms agency with a pure focus on technology. By focusing on key sectors of the technology industry, our team has rich institutional knowledge, industry relationships and more that enables us to seamlessly onboard, become a quick study of a client’s business and technology and drive results with our 360 approach faster than our competition. 
 What’s A 360° Approach? From media relations to social media to content marketing, AR|PR’s team has a deep understanding of all facets of marcomm and has been purposefully built to support all marketing communications areas. Moreover, our team is passionate and driven by today’s dynamic media landscape. We believe that a holistic approach to communications is imperative to sustaining client results. 
 If we can help you, please let me know! You can stop by the office, email me at, tweet me at @BlairAB, send a text at 337.3492743 or send a smoke signal! We’ll answer.

What can Launch Pad do for you?

Continue to provide networking and social opportunities as most of us who work in the building are solo ‘treps or very small teams. This way, Launch Pad gives us an opportunity to feel like, though we are small, we can collaborate, network and socialize in unique and fun ways with an extension of our AR|PR team.

What’s your favorite thing about Launch Pad?

The tight-knit community that it has built over the years. The people of Launch Pad aren’t overly competitive with one another, even if some of the tenants are indeed in the same industry and vying for the same clients. Rather, they are truly supportive, kind and generous – always ready to help whether that means notarizing a legal document, bringing sweet treats, hosting a lunch and learn or putting together a laser tag outing.

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